Discovering the Excellence of Eastman Acoustic Guitars

Eastman Acoustic Guitars: Excellence In Sound and Quality

Eastman Guitars offer a unique opportunity for musicians like us to experience a blend of top-notch quality and outstanding acoustic performance at a surprisingly affordable price. I still vividly recall the excitement of unboxing our first shipment of Eastman guitars. The first model I tried was the E1D-CLA, which featured a thermo-cured spruce top along with solid sapele back and sides, all priced under $600. The quality of sound it produced was astounding, far exceeding my expectations. It was so impressive that I immediately recorded a video to share with friends and family. Unsurprisingly, this guitar quickly found a new owner who appreciated its value. Here is the video I sent to my friends and family, please look past my crocks :). 

 And here is a video of someone who is much better at guitar than me playing it: 

Each Eastman acoustic guitar that passes through our shop reinforces my admiration for the brand. The exceptional quality they deliver at their price points is truly remarkable. Let's take a moment to compare two guitars: one from Eastman and another from a renowned American manufacturer.

A Rosewood Dreadnaught Comparison:

Consider the Eastman E20D-TC: it boasts a Solid Thermo Cured Adirondack spruce top, solid Rosewood back and sides, with a solid Ebony fingerboard and saddle. The hand-carved, scalloped bracing is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship. Top quality woods and craftsmanship for only $1,799 at the time of this writing. In contrast, a similar guitar cost $4,399; a significant cost difference of $2,600.


Quality Meets Affordability:

Eastman has created a pathway to acquire excellently constructed guitars that match, and sometimes surpass in our opinion, many other options in terms of sound and quality, all at a price accessible to a wider audience. The craftsmanship of Eastman acoustic guitars is top-notch. For an extremely fair price you can get an instrument that was crafted by skilled luthiers with a keen attention to detail. I'm confident that once you try an Eastman guitar, you'll be just as amazed as I was the first time I played one.



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