Repair & Luthier Services

Expert Stringed Instrument Repair & Luthier Services in Cleveland, TN – Papaw Odell's

Discover premier stringed instrument repair and luthier services at Papaw Odell's in Cleveland, TN. Our luthier, Drew, specializes in providing top-notch care and precision craftsmanship to every instrument that he touches.

We are proud to provide these comprehensive services to Cleveland, TN and the surrounding areas, ensuring each instrument we work on meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Whether you need a basic setup or a complex restoration, Papaw Odell's music store is here to help. Contact us today to discuss your instrument's needs or to schedule a service.


Our shop fee is $50 per hour. You will only be charged for time actually spent on the instrument. 

Personalized Repair Services

Our expert luthier, offers a personalized approach to stringed instrument repair. From setups and fret jobs to neck resetting, Drew's meticulous craftsmanship ensures your instrument plays flawlessly. At Papaw Odell's, we're proud to serve the Cleveland, TN music community with services tailored to your unique needs.

Why Choose Papaw Odell's in Cleveland, TN?

Looking for a 'luthier near me' in Cleveland, TN? Look no further than Papaw Odell's. Drew's extensive experience and passion for stringed instruments make him your ideal choice for reliable and expert repair services. We're committed to restoring the beauty and playability of your cherished instruments.

Services We Offer at Papaw Odell's

At Papaw Odell's, Drew, our skilled luthier, offers a wide array of services for stringed instruments, ensuring each instrument reaches its highest potential in playability and sound quality. Our services include:

  • Set Up: We set up your instrument so that it plays like butter and sounds great too.
  • Bridge Fitting: Precisely fitting bridges to mandolins, violins, and basses for optimal sound and playability.
  • Nut Building: Crafting and installing custom nuts for various stringed instruments.
  • Saddle Building: Creating and fitting saddles to enhance the tone and intonation of stringed instruments.
  • Neck Resetting: Adjusting the neck for better action and playability.
  • Fret Jobs: Including fret leveling, crowning, and replacement.
  • Broken Headstock Repair: Mending and reinforcing broken headstocks for structural integrity
  • Structural Repairs: Addressing cracks, loose braces, and other structural issues for acoustic guitars, basses, mandolins, etc.
  • Hardware Replacement: Installing or repairing tuners, bridges, pickguards, and strap buttons.
  • Pick Up Install: Installation of pickups in mandolins, guitars, basses, etc.


    Guitar Neck Resetting at Papaw Odell's

    Innovative Non-Destructive Approach: At Papaw Odell's, we specialize in a non-destructive method for guitar neck resetting. Our process is unique, utilizing a custom-made jig and steam to carefully reset the neck. This innovative approach allows us to adjust the neck angle without having to disassemble the guitar.

    Benefits of Our Technique:

    Safety for Your Instrument: Our method minimizes the risk to your guitar, avoiding the stress and potential damage associated with traditional neck removal.
    Cost-Effective: By not dismantling the instrument, we reduce the labor and time involved, making this a more affordable option for our customers.
    Preservation of Originality: Keeping the guitar intact means preserving its original construction and authenticity, which is especially important for vintage instruments.

      Expert Care and Precision: Our experienced luthier, applies meticulous care and precision in every neck reset. This service is ideal for guitars that require a change in neck angle to improve playability, action, and overall sound quality.