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Gold Tone

SOLD - Gold Tone Plucky Taveler Banjo

SOLD - Gold Tone Plucky Taveler Banjo

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The Plucky is a backpacker's dream weighing in at only two pounds! It can be tuned to open C (CGCEG) or open D (DADF#A) or even to standard G, by changing to strings gauged 016, .034, .024, .019, .016. The Gold Tone Plucky is no toy; the neck width is similar to that of a full-size banjo for comfortable fingering and its low string action provides effortless playability. It's perfect for a young player, to pack for the trail, or for just cuddling up with on the couch. The Plucky is set up at the Gold Tone Factory in Florida, just like its bigger brethren. A carrying bag is included. 


Nut Width: 1-3/16" Nut


Fingerboard: Maple
Frets: 21
Inlay: Dot
Material: Maple


Brackets: 8
Coordinator Rods: Single 8"
Hardware: Chrome Plated
Tailpiece: No Knot
Tension Hoop: 8" Flat Bar


Scale Length: 15-7/8"
Weight: 2.6 Lbs.


Bag Included 
Tuning: CGCEG
Serial Number: 22303190

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