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ToneSlabs Pick - FS

ToneSlabs Pick - FS

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The FS is the newest pick to be created by ToneSlabs and is now considered their flagship pick.

It sits right between the TS Tri XL and Tweener with a glassy smooth bevel to die for. 

Standard colors- 1.2mm (red) 1.3mm (green), 1.4mm (blue), 1.5mm (yellow)

More About ToneSlabs:

Introducing ToneSlabs, the revolutionary pick that will transform the way you play. Made from a unique material, ToneSlabs offers incredible grip and precision, allowing you to glide over the strings effortlessly and produce clear, sharp tones.

Take This Pick For A Test Drive!

We understand that trying out a pick is a personal experience, which is why we encourage our customers to take their time and experiment with different picks until they find the one that feels just right. When you come to see us at Papaw Odell's, you can be assured that our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be on hand to assist you in finding the perfect guitar pick for your playing style and preferences. We have a wide range of picks available so you can be assured that you will find the pick that works best for you.

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