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Gold Star

Gold Star GE-1 Prospector Old-Time Banjo - New

Gold Star GE-1 Prospector Old-Time Banjo - New

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The Gold Star Prospector is built in the tradition of banjos from the late 1800s, with a singular combination of traditional design, tone and contemporary playability.

The 1/2 inch rim of the banjo consists of two 1/4 inch plies of rock maple that form a firm vibration base for the warm tonal characteristics required for the old-time banjo styles. The “frailing-scoop” allows the player to access the warm tone found in the area just outside the confines of the banjo head.

The addition of sturdy but lightweight neck reinforcement and coordinator rod assures the structural stability of the neck and rim without a negative impact on the balance or appearance of the instrument.

  • Traditional Bulb Heel and Frailing Scoop
  • Deluxe P-130 Golden Gate Planet Tuners for precise, easy tuning
  • Considerate, removable P-101 Armrest for playing comfort
  • Patented No-Knot Tailpiece
  • Schwimmer-style fifth string pip for accurate intonation

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