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K&K Sound Double Big Twin Quad-Sensor Pickup for Upright Bass

K&K Sound Double Big Twin Quad-Sensor Pickup for Upright Bass

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The Double Big Twin is a four-head upright bass transducer developed specifically for jazz bass players. Its transmission band includes very high and very low frequencies, which makes it especially suitable for jazz bass. The high frequency translation ensures a clean amplification of the finger attack with the picked bass. The low frequency translation refers to a desired very bassy sound picture.

The Double Big Twin is able to pick up each string of the upright bass separately. This results in an extraordinary balance of sound, even for pizzicato playing. The Double Big Twin is easily installed with the supplied double-sided adhesive film and doesn't require modification of the instrument itself. A special attachment clamp holds the connection jack so that it can be mounted at the A and D strings between the string-holder and bridge.

K&K Sound highly recommends one of their K&K preamps for impedance adaptation and pre-amplification.

  • Diameter of each transducer head: 3/4"

  • Height of each transducer head: 1/32"

  • Output impedance: high ohmic

  • Length of connection cable: 1 ft

  • Output: Stereo 1/4" jack, soldered mono mode

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