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Stringjoy Foxwoods Coated Phosphor Bronze Medium Gauge 11/40 Mandolin Strings

Stringjoy Foxwoods Coated Phosphor Bronze Medium Gauge 11/40 Mandolin Strings

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Stringjoy 11-40 Medium Gauge Foxwoods Coated Phosphor Bronze Mandolin Strings are the ultimate choice for mandolin players seeking a balanced and versatile tone. These strings are meticulously designed to offer exceptional playability and outstanding durability, ensuring a superior musical experience.

The Stringjoy 11-40 Medium Gauge set strikes the perfect balance between responsiveness and stability. With a slightly heavier gauge, these strings provide excellent projection and sustain, allowing you to explore a wide range of musical styles with confidence and precision.

All Foxwoods Coated Mandolin Strings feature an enamel coating that enhances their lifespan by minimizing the accumulation of dirt, sweat, and oils. This innovative coating ensures that your strings stay fresh and vibrant, offering consistent performance and tone over an extended period.

Stringjoy's commitment to quality shines through in every set of mandolin strings they produce. From the choice of materials to the manufacturing process, each step is meticulously controlled to deliver exceptional playability and unmatched durability. Whether you’re a professional musician, recording artist, or dedicated mandolin player, these strings will exceed your expectations.

Stringjoy strings are crafted one at a time by Nashville musicians who know that great art is made with great tools. Through innovative designs, first-rate materials, and labor-intensive winding techniques, they make it their mission to craft the finest strings in the world, bar-none.

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