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D'Addario Ukulele Soundhole Tuner

D'Addario Ukulele Soundhole Tuner

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Designed specifically for ukulele, the chromatic Ukulele Soundhole Tuner remains perfectly concealed within the ukulele’s soundhole for discreet tuning. The non-marring universal mounting clip allows stress-free installation, while the highly sensitive piezo transducer senses vibrations directly from the soundboard for fast and accurate tuning response. The bright, full-color display allows easy viewing in any environment. It’s so small, convenient, and accurate, you’ll want one for every ukulele you own!

  • Works with most Ukulele, of all scale lengths
  • Full-color display
  • Fast, accurate response
  • Calibration range 435-455 Hz
  • A Ned Steinberger design
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